Kiera, Age 17

I was a body length behind at the last turn and my sessions with Wendy gave me the belief that I could win – I won the race on the touch.

Linda Parrish

“I moved my chair back into the sunlight.” I would recommend Wendy to any colleague who may have lost their way professionally or otherwise. I came to you when I was having a difficult time in a new job role.

Sarah Moores

I approached Wendy to work with the girls across the school (Years 7-13) within our Well Being Programme to help them to manage their emotional health in a positive way to try to cope with pressure, work through stress/anxiety provoking situations and empower them to achieve their goals.

Jenny Morgan

The emotional health and well-being workshop was very well planned and perfectly pitched for our team of future leaders. Feedback from attendees was really encouraging and we have all put in place positive changes in our daily lives.