• Karen mother of Brittaney

    My daughter was diagnosed with Generalised and Social anxiety two years ago, and struggled in her final year of high school, GCSE’s and socialising in everyday life.

    Wendy was recommended to us when all other avenues had been explored and any previous professional help failed to improve my daughter’s anxiety, confidence and self-esteem. Wendy is very professional and motivational and has a warmth about her that allowed my daughter to open up, feel totally comfortable and at ease from the very first session. Wendy provided strategies that helped our daughter see things in a different way and to think positively rather than engaging in negative thoughts.

    The sessions were really engaging with Wendy, exploring techniques and then putting them into practice was a huge part of Choose U Life Coaching and has developed my daughter’s ability to cope with everyday challenges.

    From the sessions, our daughter had with Wendy, we have seen significant improvement in the way our daughter approaches and deals with everyday situations.

    Our daughter is now looking forward to a bright future and continuous to value her own self-worth.

    Knowing that we could contact Wendy via email in between sessions gave ourselves as parents and our daughter peace of mind. We would highly recommend Wendy.

  • Brittaney Age 17

    Before I found out about Wendy and her incredible life coaching, I had been having counselling from the age of fourteen. I struggled with anxiety during my later years in secondary school and began to find myself on a downwards spiral. My main passion in life is dancing however at my lowest points I didn’t see any future with in dance purely due to me not believing in myself. After deciding that counselling wasn’t for me, I began to just try to get through each day and eventually pushed myself to start dancing again. Although I still didn’t feel like I had enough confidence to really progress. It was then that a dance teacher of mine recommended Wendy at Choose U life coaching. From the very first session with Wendy I came away feeling uplifted and inspired to start working on my self-confidence. I have seen a huge difference with in myself but also with my ability to take on new challenges and find the good with in every day. I am so grateful to have met Wendy and I am very thankful for the techniques and inspiration I now have, giving me determination to feel even better within myself and to reach my goals. The sky is the limit.  I would recommend Wendy to EVERYONE I know.

  • Richard

    As a man, you don’t always have the network of friends to explore the solutions to problems. Wendy is such a positive and purposeful coach. I benefited a great deal her strategies and common sense.

    RH (Bramhall)

  • Sarah Moores

    Manchester High School for Girls – Head of year 11 and Well Being

    I approached Wendy to work with the girls across the school (Years 7-13) within our Well Being Programme to help them to manage their emotional health in a positive way to try to cope with pressure, work through stress/anxiety provoking situations and empower them to achieve their goals. Wendy and I spoke about the needs of each of the year groups she would be meeting with and about the wish to provide the students with specific coping strategies which they could use. The older students were naturally more able to convey their needs and Wendy worked closely with them to tailor the sessions accordingly. She was genuinely interested in what they had to say and worked to address their concerns and offer helpful tips on managing themselves and supporting each other. Wendy already has an excellent insight into the thought processes of the teenage mind and her sessions were fun, engaging and interactive. Through working with different age groups, Wendy became very in tune with the students and which strategies would be most beneficial to them. These strategies can then be supported and revisited by the form tutors throughout the year so that they become embedded. We would not hesitate to recommend Wendy as a speaker for other schools.

  • Sophie Cooper-Smith


    “The thrive lessons I received have honestly changed my life for the better. I believe that everyone should do this; even if you don’t have anxiety or stress, because it transforms how you think and gives you the life skills to be a happier person all round. Wendy was lovely and made me feel at ease, she was fun and very easy to talk to. The things she has taught me have changed my life and I can’t thank her enough.”


  • Catriona Gordon

    The coaching sessions I had with Wendy were fundamental in giving me the confidence  to exploring steps in my life I want to take. Her coaching is professional and balanced. I cannot thank Wendy enough and think her services offered are invaluable. Wendy on a personal level is so approachable, funny and easy to talk to; she is what makes Choose U such an amazing service.
  • Karen Bennett


    The Thrive Coaching programme has really been life changing for me to be honest, it has surpassed all expectations and I was honestly taken a back how quickly I could start to make some real changes to help improve what I get out of my life, have more fun, and worry less.   Wendy is an absolutely great support, a great coach and just really gets it – everything she says is spot on.    She is very easy to talk to, and really draws out how you are really feeling/what your fears are very quickly so you can start to work together to develop a plan.  It can be quite hard and potentially embarrassing at times to talk through your fears and anxiety but Wendy has a very special way with her so you can be completely honest and work together on something very achievable.  

    I would recommend the Thrive programme to anyone who really wants to make a change in their life – it’s very achievable and far easier than I ever thought possible – but I do think I could not have got as much out of the programme if it wasn’t for the approach Wendy takes with the programme and the wisdom and challenge she provides.

    I will continue with on-going coaching with Wendy – it’s one of the best investments you could ever make!


  • Rose, mother of Amy

    When my daughter began to suffer from panic attacks, I felt powerless to help her. Being her mum, I just wanted to take away all the pain and anxiety and make her feel better. However, nothing I could say or do was of any help and I often ended up making things worse. I realised that she needed to have the power to help herself. I came across the Thrive Programme and she was willing to give it a go. I am so glad she did, because with Wendy’s guidance, she now has the knowledge to help herself when things get tough. There may well be situations in the future where she feels anxious but now she knows that she’s equipped to deal with it and is a much calmer person as a result.


  • Amy, 18 year old student

    Before I started The Thrive Programme, I suffered from many days of simply waking up and feeling anxious with no explanation as to why I was feeling that way. This anxiety stemmed from school/exam stress,friends, relationships and generally how everyone viewed me. There came a me when I couldn’t even stand to be in the house alone due
    to an irrational fear that my parents would not return home. This resulted in a number of panic attacks over a year-long period. Then I heard about The Thrive Programme and was guided through this by Wendy.The programme gave me the skills and tools I needed to cope in my anxiety-provoking situations.I now have such a better sense of control and my self-esteem is higher than it has ever been. I am much better knowing I have the training to deal with it and this has made me a stronger person.


  • Sandra Wright

    Coming to Wendy has enabled me to stop looking back at what I’ve lost, and instead look forward and towards what I can achieve in my future. With her endless encouragement, patience and support I can set realistic goals and, very importantly at a pace that suits me.


  • Sarah (Wilmslow)

    Although I am not usually one to make New Year’s Resolutions, always feeling that I was setting myself up to fail, this year is different, this year I have made the following promises to myself….
    I will live in the moment more and stop focussing on the future (because the future never comes!) I am going to continue to make more of my time outside work in a bid feel more fulfilled I am going to focus on appreciating what I have, instead of always striving for something “better”

    These may not seem mind blowing decisions but they are important to me and I was only able to make these resolutions following my coaching sessions with Wendy. She helped me to focus on what was important and what was missing from my life and how to go about achieving these things without getting stressed.
    Her friendly, down to earth approach helps to create a relaxed yet productive session. We just had 2 sessions in the end but I know that should I need help to re-focus then another ad-hoc session will be absolutely fine.

  • Julie Knight

    “Going on a Choose U course with Wendy Bateman is perfect for absolutely anyone.

    It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, employed, unemployed or choosing not to work in order to be a homemaker. Everyone, from time to time, needs the opportunity to think about themselves and what they should do next.  It is important because we are all important as individuals and everyone should re-assess their lives from time to time, in order to be the best that they can be.

    Going on Wendy’s course helps you to find out what it is that you need to do to move forward and she helps you do it in a way which enables you to manoeuvre round any obstacles that may be there.

    You will think outside the box and find solutions to problems you hadn’t necessarily envisaged.  By using the tools provided your obstacles will be minimal and a successful outcome more likely.

    Even if you are already contemplating changes to your life, going on the course can give you the encouragement and support you need to take those first steps and be more confident in the approach you are taking.  Talking things over with like-minded people boosts confidence and breaking down the elements of what you need to do into bite-sized chunks makes everything you decide possible.

    Wendy is passionate about what she does and this comes across to everyone there.  You will leave the course feeling positive and enthusiastic about whatever it is you have chosen to do.

    Attending the tea parties afterwards will also encourage you to keep going with your changes (but they are also just a very nice social event with inspirational speakers and yummy food).

    I say, book on Choose U now and feel positive about your future.”
  • Lindsay Orr

    I have had the fortune of having the opportunity to attend several of the “choose U” seminars presented by Wendy Bateman in a group setting. I have also had opportunity of liaising with Wendy on a one to one basis in terms of personal goals and achievement.

    The group setting provided a scenario of lively conversation in a convivial environment. At no time would an individual feel that they would have to offer personal information to the group or feel intimidated that they would personally need to address the other attendees formally as a group. Wendy made the sessions fun and interesting and kept the topics flowing. Wendy provided plenty of written material to enable a reference to the fundamental ideas and concepts after the session. Wendy, in a very informal way, encouraged the group to think about issues of family life and children relationships, work/voluntary work, body image and weight, emotional health and happiness, learning and personal growth, finance and security and friendships.

    The one to one session provided a more individually focused programme of suggestions analysing goals, pinpointing perceived barriers and thinking about positive action to overcome them.

    I would encourage anyone to attend on one of the “choose U “seminars or individual appointments .


  • Wendy North


    I would love to recommend Choose U! Wendy was so friendly and approachable I instantly felt relaxed. I was able to focus on areas of my life that I wanted to improve on. Wendy was really encouraging and created a great environment allowing ideas to be shared and promoted. I enjoyed meeting and sharing with a lovely group of women in all different places, yet with one goal of looking to move forward in a more positive way. I feel more aware and equipped in reaching my goals. I also am looking forward to the tea parties where I can keep in touch with these lovely ladies, alongside feeling supported and hopefully being a support to others. I believe we all benefitted from this course and I hope Wendy continues to help many others.

  • Jinny Chivers

    “After 10 years of working in the yachting industry, I am at the beginning of making the adjustments of living on land, with a new life and career ahead of me. The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere helped me to bring some ‘floaty’ ideas and dreams in to a constructive, realistic and achievable plan.”

  • Joanne Smith

    Mother of 2 children, 15 and 12 years..
    I went on the sessions at Choose U because I had been feeling quite down and negative about things for some time and felt quite scared about my future.  My children really didn’t need me as much because they were both at high school and my husband worked long hours and he was away regularly. I didn’t have any confidence in myself at all and I really didn’t think I had many options but to carry on doing what I have always done; which is to keep the house tidy, cook and taxi the kids about.

    Choose U was brilliant because I could be really honest about my feelings for once and couldn’t believe that lots of the women on the sessions actually felt similar to me.  I discovered how important it is for me to dream about my future and make goals for myself.  After all no one wants me to be unhappy at home and in fact my family have been great and have really encouraged and supported me.  I have started a volunteering role in the community which has already given me more confidence and I am now thinking about studying at the Open University.

    Thanks to Choose U, I now have a plan for my future.

  • Helen Rigg

    I am a full time Mum of three. I have always focused on our children and strived to provide and support all of their needs both physically and emotionally. When they started school we experienced many external pressures which affected their outlook and behaviour which in turn had a negative effect on me. Choose U reminded me that I could not control or influence those external factors. Choose U gave me useful techniques which I can refer to in different situations which I now share with my family. I focus on the many positives in our lives and elements which are within our control.

  • Dorothy Stanworth

    72, retired, and former Company Secretary of small family business.
    I attended the first presentations for “Choose U” earlier this year.  I was most impressed by the bubbly and infectious enthusiasm of Wendy and loved the concept of “Choose U”.

    To be honest I just went out of interest as I didn’t really feel that I needed my life changing dramatically but Wendy made me stop and take the time to think really closely about everything in my life, and I realised that there were things I would like to change, that I suppose I have just accepted over the years.  She encouraged me come up with an action plan which I am trying to follow, with help from “Choose U”.  I have made some progress, although I do stray from time to time, but the “memory stone” is always nearby and I intend to try the follow up meetings and events to reinforce my motivation and also to touch base with the ladies I have met through “Choose U”.

  • Chris Perry

    Headteacher of Alderley Edge Community School
    Wendy is a highly competent and motivational PE teacher who has built up a successful legacy of PE and Sport in our school over several years. Wendy’s work has meant that a generation of children love sport not only in our school but also as they move to High School. The children want to participate to the maximum. Wendy has achieved this by ensuring that the children thoroughly enjoy all aspects of sport and through her encouragement the children believe in themselves, their friends and team mates and this positive attitude has led to a huge amount of success right through to County level. Wendy has ensured that the children can achieve anything if they put their minds to it – and they have! Wendy’s enthusiasm for sport and success is infectious.

  • Robyn Mills

    My sessions with Choose U made me realise that I can change my life and if I take small steps then I really can achieve things that are important to me. I was stuck in a rut and aiming for things that weren’t going to happen straight away – basically setting myself up to fail by setting the bar too high.

    Choose U helped me feel more positive about the future by assisting me to set more realistic goals and on an achievable timescale to reach them! Meeting some new people at the sessions was a bonus as there are a lot of women in the same situation as me – it was great to speak to them and have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas.

    I feel like I am on my way… and I am enjoying the journey! Thank you Choose U.

  • Ruth Bailey

    After having a baby, I lost quite a bit of confidence and was finding that there were lots of barriers, preventing me achieving some of the things I wanted. I was also finding it difficult to maintain a good balance between work (which I love) and being a good mum.

    My experience with Choose U has been lifesaving. Not only have I made some great friends, I have found tools to rebuild my confidence and taken steps forward in achieving some of the things that were important to me. I now feel much more energised and have taken on more work. Because of this I am happier in my home life, which rubs off on my daughter and husband.

    Thank you Wendy!

  • Kathryn Hughes

    Best-selling author of ‘The Letter’. Available for just £0.99 from the Kindle Store.
    Going to a Choose U session makes you realise that you are an individual in your own right and not just someone’s mother, wife, sister or employee. Whilst those roles are of course important, Choose U makes you think about yourself for a change and what defines you as a person. The sessions are good fun, informative and you know you are in the safe hands of Wendy, who makes it her mission to ensure that everyone leaves feeling better about themselves. The ambience of the sessions is relaxing and friendly and even the most reticent among us leave feeling as though we can conquer anything with the support of Wendy and our new-found friends.

  • Carole Howard

    I started to work with Wendy at a time when my life was in tatters. When I first met her she asked me ‘what are you prepared to do to make things better’ and my reply of ‘I will do anything’ gave us both the indication that this was going to prove to be a most fruitful relationship, built on the belief that whatever your situation improvement is possible, provided that you are prepared to put in the effort and not expect other people to wave a magic wand for you.

    I had personal coaching and support from her, off and on, over a number of years and I can honestly say that she inspired me to make two of the most important decisions of my whole life. When I was stuck, Wendy helped me to see that new ways forward were possible and I did not necessarily have to do what others demanded of me.

    Looking back I can see that without Wendy my life would be very different, I would certainly not be as physically fit, I would not live in the house I live in and I would not be in the relationship that I am in.

    I would say that Wendy has played a pivotal role in my life. I value her enthusiasm, her energy and her belief in the power of the individual to change their life.

  • Catrin Emma Woods

    I have known Wendy now for twenty five years and in that time I have got to know her exceptionally well. Wendy has always shown great integrity and empathy when dealing with people and she is always concerned about the happiness of individuals that she surrounds herself with. Wendy has the most amazing passion for things that she believes in and I have never met anyone who could enthuse about these things, as she does. It is infectious and inspiring and a very unique quality that she possesses. In the time that I have known her there have been so many instances when I have been able to rely on her support and encouragement. She has helped me to gain strength and through sound advice given, I have been able to make good positive choices in my life. Wendy is able to see both sides of an argument but is also very lucid when helping others deal with difficult situations or when making challenging decisions. Wendy is an amazing individual who will guide anyone through difficult times but will also inspire you to follow your dream.