About Me

My parents were the motivational forces in my early life, bringing my sister and I up to believe that if we worked hard and believed in ourselves we could achieve anything.   As a child, I loved sport, any sport. I was active all of the time. Hardly surprising that I went on to be a P.E. teacher for the first working years of my life. However, I wasn’t completely fulfilled teaching and pursued a career in personal training and set up my own business in 1995.


‘Anything is possible’.  My dad was an avid fan of the hit T.V. show ‘Gladiators’ and he managed to persuade me to apply to be a contender.  After all, what harm could it do?  To my sheer amazement, out of 23,000 applicants, and after a grueling fitness and camera test, I was called two weeks later to be told that I was in!

This experience was the catalyst that really took my personal training business to the next level. I had great success training hundreds of clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. My philosophy doesn’t just involve the physical aspect of training; I concentrate on changing the way a person thinks, encouraging them to adopt a healthier mindset in order to make positive changes to their lifestyle.


In 2008 I lost my Dad to Cancer

Having always been such a positive, ‘go get them’ kind of person, I was shocked when I started suffering from health anxiety. It was only when I realized it was dictating my life that I decided to do something about it.

We only get one chance at life and all too often it passes us by.   I accepted the guidance of a brilliant coach who helped me to find the confidence and power to take control of my life again.  This experience gave me the inspiration I needed to re-train and set up a new company, Choose U Coaching.

I now love helping individuals to gain control and the confidence to move forward in their lives.


“Be the architect of your life and not just a passenger”


– Wendy Bateman