You can book and pay for your course online below using PayPal. Alternatively, you can telephone Wendy and use BACS payment.

AM_SbyPP_mc_vs_ms_ae_UKTo pay online using PayPal please choose from the list below:

Choose U Life Coaching


Presentations and Assemblies

All presentations and assemblies are individually tailored to suit the school or organisation’s needs and the cost is negotiable, depending on the client’s request.


All workshops are bespoke, according to:

  • Group size
  • Number of sessions requested
  • Session design
  • Future bookings and contracts
  • Travel distance
Contact Wendy to discuss costs

Contact Wendy to organise a Skype service with both Choose U Coaching and The Thrive Programme.


Skype address: wendy.w.bateman

Choose U Coaching Tea Parties

(Coming in the New Year, look out for more information on Facebook, email list and on this website)



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