Choose to “Chase Your Dreams”

I am so excited to welcome you to my new website and I hope you find it interesting and easy to navigate. If you stay a while you will see that life coaching with me could be the thing that fires you up to try something new or I could just be an objective ear for you.

Chase Your Dreams

I was inspired to create a whole new website just before Christmas 2017. A kind and creative delegate from a workshop I was running in Manchester, said that my website did not reflect who I was and it certainly didn’t explain the type of services I offer very well. I hadn’t really looked at my site for a while, which was a mistake. When I did, I was surprised at how old fashioned it looked. Things have moved on at an incredible speed in the digital world since I first set up Choose U Coaching. I had taken my finger off the pulse and my shop window had remained the same, where as my business had moved on tenfold. I hadn’t realised my website needed to move on too.

I discovered an incredible design agency and after months of reflection, deliberation and daily communication with them, here it is. I decided to write about the new design and feel of the website because there are many parallels with life.

Why do I have bubbles and my dog Pepper?

Pepper loves bubbles, chasing them, the smell of them, in fact everything about them. All I have to do is say the word “bubbles” and she is at my feet quivering with excitement. She has no worries or fears when it comes to chasing bubbles, just total determination to catch them. She obviously loves every minute and the pleasure lasts at least ten minutes after they have vanished.

My aim as a life coach is to help people chase what they want in life, chase what makes them feel good, happy and fulfilled. It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO earning a six-figure salary or a teenager studying for your exams, to understand what will make you feel happy and fulfilled is the key.

What do you chase? Do you chase your dreams or other people’s dreams? Are you forced to chase in a particular direction or can you choose which way? Have you stopped chasing because you have lost the desire, or do you lack confidence and belief in yourself?

I love it when people start to realise they have a choice. That they can chase their dreams and take control of their happiness. But even more important than that, is to make them realise that it is the chase that is important and not always the end result. To enjoy the journey, enjoy your work, enjoy your life and enjoy being in the place that you have chosen.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Now

It has taken me years to realise this and I remind myself regularly to slow down and enjoy the now. Being grateful for every day and recognising all the special moments is vital. But I always tell myself that I have chosen this path and if it isn’t making me happy then I can change it.

I will find a new bubble and chase that.

I hope you have fun on this site chasing bubbles and finding out about me and Choose U Coaching.