Themes covered:

  • Daring to dream and believing you can achieve
  • Developing a growth mind set, where you learn from your mistakes and do not fear failure
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Developing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Developing positive strategies to reduce anxiety
  • Staying emotionally and physically healthy
  • Becoming motivated and overcoming procrastination.


As a qualified teacher and life coach I provide a number of services which help both adults and teenagers to become more resilient, confident and less anxious. Resilience is a strength that can be developed through learning to think more positively, proactively and confidently. Practicing new strategies and new ways of thinking and embracing change is vital if people are to feel happier, stronger and more fulfilled.


Interactive presentations – designed in conjunction with an organisation’s needs

School assemblies – individually tailored to the size and demographics of the year group

Bespoke resilience workshops – the length and frequency of sessions on request.


Large assemblies and interactive presentations

• Individually tailored to the school

• Bespoke content designed to meet the organisation’s needs

• Interactive, motivational and thought provoking

• Examples of strategies for developing resilience

• Follow up workshops offered to consolidate learning


Developing resilience and a positive mind-set is at the forefront of these sessions. The workshops are designed to engage the participants in their own personal growth. Positive strategies and new ways of thinking are introduced which enable clients to confidently and proactively take more control over their own future.

Activities are designed to help individuals:

•  Begin to take more responsibility for their happiness

•  Become more self-aware

•  Think positively and powerfully

•  Build strategies and challenge themselves

•  Break negative and unhelpful habits

•  Practise a new way of thinking

•  Become motivated and build a positive belief system

•  Set achievable and realistic goals enabling them to be successful

How Wendy helped our students:

“Thanks to very appropriate, clear and well-structured sessions addressing a group of Y11 students struggling with stress and anxiety, Wendy helped all of them achieve their potential. We reduced by 100% the number of students unable to enter / complete examinations due to anxiety. I would highly recommend Wendy’s motivational and very personal touch with young people.”

Jodi Horobin – pastoral leader, Poynton High School, Cheshire

“Wendy was genuinely interested in what our students had to say, worked to address their concerns and offered helpful tips on managing themselves and supporting each other. She already has an excellent insight into the thought processes of the teenage mind and her sessions were fun, engaging and interactive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wendy as a presenter in other schools.”

Sarah Moores – Head of Year 11 and Well Being, Manchester High School for Girls


If a student or delegate feels they would benefit from a more personalised approach, individual face to face sessions may be appropriate. These are very beneficial, as clients can discuss their own personal situation and positive strategies can be developed on a more individual basis. For more information on face to face life coaching

How Wendy helped me:

“I now have a much better sense of control over my anxiety and my self-esteem is higher than it has ever been. The strategies I have learned have helped me to deal with my anxiety and this has made me a stronger person. Thank you Wendy”

Ellen – 18 yrs- studying for A levels