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I approached Wendy to work with the girls across the school (Years 7-13) within our Well Being Programme to help them to manage their emotional health in a positive way to try to cope with pressure, work through stress/anxiety provoking situations and empower them to achieve their goals.

Wendy and I spoke about the needs of each of the year groups she would be meeting with and about the wish to provide the students with specific coping strategies which they could use. The older students were naturally more able to convey their needs and Wendy worked closely with them to tailor the sessions accordingly.

She was genuinely interested in what they had to say and worked to address their concerns and offer helpful tips on managing themselves and supporting each other. Wendy already has an excellent insight into the thought processes of the teenage mind and her sessions were fun, engaging and interactive.

Through working with different age groups, Wendy became very in tune with the students and which strategies would be most beneficial to them. These strategies can then be supported and revisited by the form tutors throughout the year so that they become embedded. We would not hesitate to recommend Wendy as a speaker for other schools.

Sarah Moores Manchester High School for Girls – Head of year 11 and Well Being

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