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Before I found out about Wendy and her incredible life coaching, I had been having counselling from the age of fourteen. I struggled with anxiety during my later years in secondary school and began to find myself on a downwards spiral.

My main passion in life is dancing however at my lowest points I didn’t see any future with in dance purely due to me not believing in myself. After deciding that counselling wasn’t for me, I began to just try to get through each day and eventually pushed myself to start dancing again. Although I still didn’t feel like I had enough confidence to really progress. It was then that a dance teacher of mine recommended Wendy’s ‘choose you’ programme.

From the very first session with Wendy I came away feeling uplifted and inspired to start working on my self-confidence. I have seen a huge difference with in myself but also with my ability to take on new challenges and find the good with in every day. I am so grateful to have met Wendy and I am very thankful for the techniques and inspiration I now have, giving me determination to feel even better within myself and to reach my goals. The sky is the limit. I would recommend Wendy to EVERYONE I know.

Brittaney A Level Student

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