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Thanks 4 the great feedback. You know, I really feel fired up to fulfil all my targets and more! You are a brill motivation/life coach: not only are you so lively and friendly but you make me believe in myself again. I trust you because you take a personal interest in how I’m progressing and you can genuinely empathise with me about daft little things like chin ups because you too are a physical and competitive person. But stop there Al!

They aren't daft at all - they prove that despite my age and PD I can still achieve and have self- respect. I'm learning Wendy! Come on u 20 and 30-year olds, challenge this old guy to a chin up challenge!!
Anyway, just been for a fast walk to shops to get milk etc. Rory was adamant last night he wanted me to wake him at 5 and he would come with me but u will know all about grumpy teenagers in the morning!
Off to the 'Theatre of dreams' today to get us each the new shirt. I may not be the 'God of MCR' like Zlatan Ibrahimovich but hopefully this skinny 58-year-old is back!!

Many thanks for your inspiration, Al

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