For 20 years, I have been passionate about working with children and teenagers. As a physical education teacher, sports coach and personal trainer, I have enjoyed building positive relationships and good rapport with this age group. Motivating and inspiring teenagers is a particular strength of mine and seeing them learn to believe in their own ability, to take control and grow is wonderful.

Life can be very busy and stressful for this age group, especially with today’s technology which often means they are reluctant to or unable to switch off from the pressures of life. Keeping up with their studies, their friends and their hobbies can lead to high stress levels, leading to a constant feeling of anxiety. Conditions such as sleep disorders and many others are on the rise.

I can help with:

•  Exam stress and high levels of anxiety;

•  Worries about the future;

•  Relationship problems;

•  Low self-esteem and self-confidence;

•  Phobias.


My belief is that, if you can help young people develop resilience and self-confidence from an early age, it gives them the strength to cope throughout their life.


Time out and an objective approach during face to face sessions, is very effective in helping teenagers and young adults cope with the ups and downs of life. Having the time and space to talk about their aspirations and dreams as well as any barriers and fears they experience, often enables and motivates them to take responsibility for their own happiness and fulfilment.

For teenagers under the age of sixteen, it is sometimes beneficial if a parent or responsible adult is present. This is to ensure that any strategies and plans discussed with the teenager can be encouraged and supported from home. The sessions can also be divided into two, where the teenager is initially on their own with Wendy and then the parent or responsible adult can join in the session for the second half.

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Resilience Workshops and Presentations

Services include:

Interactive presentations – designed in conjunction with an organisation’s needs

School assemblies – individually tailored to the year group

Bespoke resilience workshops – the length and frequency of sessions on request

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